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Charlie and the team in the CTC

The Briefing team are based on the seventh floor of the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. The briefers are responsible of compiling the top ten most important threats to the security of the United States, otherwise known as The Book.

Current Briefers[edit]

Charleston Tucker[edit]

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Charleston Tucker is the briefer for the President of the United States.

Lucas Newsome[edit]

Main Article - Lucas Newsome

Lucas Newsome is the the briefer to the Director of the CIA.

Maureen James[edit]

Main Article - Maureen James

Maureen James is the briefer to the Secretary of Defence and is best friends with Charleston.

Dashiell Greer[edit]

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Dashiell Greer is the briefer to various US intelligence agencies including the FBI Director and Justice Department.

Former Briefers[edit]

Kurt Tannen[edit]

Main Article - Kurt Tannen

Kurt Tannen was the briefer to the US State Department. He was fired from the CIA for running a sting operation on Charlie.