Kurt Tannen

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Kurt Tannen
Person information
Country: United States of America
Job: Analyst, CIA

Kurt Tannen was an analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency and now works for the Krieg Group. While at the CIA he was the briefer to the US State Department.

Personal Life[edit]

Kurt has attempted to ask his colleague Mo out for dinner, however the romantic interest was not recognised and Dash invited himself to dinner with declined invitations also given to the team.


Kurt worked for the CIA and briefed the US State Department. He was fired from the CIA for running a 'sting' operation on Charleston Tucker for US Senator Kyle Green. He was found out after being the only briefer to pass his polygraph without fault, using the thumb tac trick - stepping on the tac everytime he told a lie to trick the polygraph into believing that the answer was the truth.

After he leaves the seventh floor, he goes to meet Victor Gantry to discuss a job at the Krieg Group.