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State of Affairs wiki is an encyclopedia about the NBC series State of Affairs. State of Affairs is the new NBC TV series about a team of five CIA briefers tasked with preparing and delivering the book.

Charleston Tucker

Charleston Tucker
Charleston at Aaron's memorial service in Pilot.
Person information
Country: United States of America
Job: Analyst, CIA

Charleston Charlie Tucker is an analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency and was the President's daily briefer tasked with notifying POTUS of the ten most vital security issues facing the United States. She was previously engaged to the president's son, Aaron Payton until he was killed by Omar Fatah in Kabul.

Personal Life

Charleston's father worked for the CIA and knew Anatoly Simonov whom she spoke with in Secrets & Lies. Charleston played with Simonov's daughter Sabina once in a park while the two men spoke.

She also had a relationship with Nick Vera.


Charlie was engaged to Aaron Payton before his death in Kabul.


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