Nick Vera

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Nick Vera
Nick observing the rescue operation in Half the Sky.
Person information
Country: United States of America
Job: Independent Contractor

Nick Vera is an independent contractor with ties to both the CIA and the Krieg Group.

Personal Life[edit]

Nick had a relationship with Charleston prior to Kabul.

Nick was abducted from Charleston's car at the end of Bang, Bang as the pair were getting intimate.


Nick was contracted out by the CIA to interrogate and turn Omar Abdul Fatah. He was one of five on board the level ten black ship, the Midnight City where Nick employed tactics including physical violence to try and turn Fatah. It is suggested that Nick has done prior work with the CIA perhaps when he states to Charlie that "I'm not CIA on this one".

In Bang, Bang it revealed by Syd that Nick previously worked for the Krieg Group, a private military and intelligence contracting group.